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I had the chance to drop in on Nashville just at the height of fall, right when the trees were screaming red and howling yellow. We spent a week ducking in and out of all the new spots, trying the tried and trues, and filling the days with galleries, drinking too much coffee (and beer), listening to music, and finding the kind of long, drawn out days that only happen in the south. It’s almost like time expands, making space to fit your needs.

With everything just this side of perfect, I fell in love with Nashville in the fall. Of course the food is amazing, the design is on point, and the fashion is funky. There are more bars than you’ll know what to do with (drink), more music than you could possibly listen to (but try), and more country-side (think rivers and woods) than you’d expect.


No matter how many winding roads we went down, we always found another bend. But the best stuff really did seem to be in East Nashville. And the best of the best was the people. Turns out “Nashville Nice” is real and, as Gary from the wolf sanctuary (more on that later) said, “About 70% of this town showed up with a guitar in their hand and know what it’s like to be an outsider.”

Old Made Good

So between finding we’re still not quite sure what year motorbikes to ride the chilly streets, we cozied up at Urban Cowboy’s bar, we found plenty of caffeinated delight at Steadfast, and we spent a little too much time at Dino’s. And we also went to a secret wolf sanctuary where we met 15 rescued wolves living just outside the Davidson County line.

Mas Tacos

So put on some Margot Price and thank goodness for good sweaters and even better friends.

Enjoy our roundup of favorites from Nashville.

Rolf and Daughters
City House
Mas Tacos, Por Favor – tacos, elote, and chicken tortilla soup
Lockland Table
Princes Friend Chicken – The local favorite is Hot Chicken and it’s open til 2 am
5 Points Pizza
Mitchell’s Deli – No need to be too fussy when you just want a real good sandwich

Five Daughter's Bakery 

High Garden – Apothecary and Tonics. Every herb you can imagine, wild and weird drinks (and food).
Nicoletto’s – Pasta. Other stuff, too, but mostly pasta.
Five Daughter's Bakery – Get your donut on. Or get your gluten free donut on.
Burger Up – Sweet Potato Fries + Truffle Oil…plus some amazing beers
Las Palets – Popsicles!
Jenis Ice Cream 
Post East – Smoothies and juices on point (for when you need to detox a bit)
Woodland Wine Merchant – Specialty shop with all the best in stock. Stop in to pick up beers, special whiskeys, and wine. Remember: you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays so be sure to plan ahead.


Dino’s – Your favorite dive bar you haven’t been to yet
Bastion - also a great new bar with good drinks and the best nachos.
Mickey’s – Next store to Nicoletto’s. Bring your pasta over from next door and take a seat
Hop Stop – Brewery, extensive draft selection
No. 308 – Next door to Dino’s, lots of taxidermy
Dee’s Country Lounge

Pinewood Social

Steadfast Coffee – Our favorite for coffee + breakfast / brunch
Pinewood Social – coffee, workspace, food, bowling alley…full, neon trimmed, bowling alley.

High Garden

Robert's Western World – Honkey Tonk all day, e’rry day. Try the fried bologna sandwich.
Santas Pub – Karaoke. Terrible but also great, in that way two double wide trailers stuck together would be
5 Spot – On Monday nights it turns into Motown Monday AKA the dance party of your dreams


Abedengo - Incredible shop and a Knot Sisters stockist!
Castilleja - a great mix of home goods and clothing
Old Made Good – Supposedly Vogue says it’s the best vintage store in Nashville, whatever it is, it’s packed full of some weird country treasures
Imogene + Willie
Amelia’s Flowers - cart in front of Imogene + Willie
Whites Mercantile
Two Son Moto Moda 
Elizabeth Suzann
Consider the Wildflowers
Hey Rooster General Store – curated stationaries and prints

Urban Cowboy B&B 

Urban Cowboy BNB
Fox House Nashville – a tiny tree house on the outskirts of Nashville. 

Old School

Old School – An amazing revamped old school house (think more like your middle school than a little red cottage). Features a great restaurant, killer bar, pool, event space and some rousing music (everyday).
Shelby Park for a walk
East Nashville as a district
Shakti Power Yoga
Belle Court Movie Theater – Get your art house movie vibe on
12 South Street – Upscale and unbelievably cute
Wedgewood Houston – Art and music
Suffragette’s Statue – duh.

Pick up the Nashville Scene for all the general happenings and a copy of the Nashville Arts to see what’s new at the galleries.

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